BREAKING NEWS: Letter from KCC regarding Kemsley Fields

Dear Cllr Truelove,

Yes we did have a productive meeting on Tuesday at which we discussed the investigation into cause of the subsidence together with the remedial works proposed to remedy it. We have agreed in principle to their proposals to repair the areas of failure and just need to agree some detail elements of the works, these are mainly the works within the top layers to leave a sound and durable surfacing.

The developer has indicated that they intend to carry out these works, together with others on the estate to bring it to adoptable standard, starting in early spring.

This will allow us time to agree the details of the remedial works and identify all the other works required within the roads to allow adoption to take place. This will also allow time to sort out the mechanism of the adoptions with our legal team as given the time it has taken to get to this point we would like to adopt as soon as possible.

As we agree the details we will update you as and when we make decisions and progress.

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