Cllr. Whelan: Stop vehicles parking illegally on High Street paths

Cllr. Ghlin Whelan (Chalkwell)

Cllr. Ghlin Whelan (Chalkwell)

Chalkwell Councillor and County Candidate for Swale Central Ghlin Whelan is conducting a remorseless campaign to stop vehicles parking illegally on the footpaths in Sittingbourne High Street.

Chalkwell Labour Councillor Ghlin Whelan says, “We have been struggling to make progress on this for the last five years, ever since we walked the High Street with Alderman Ann McLean and the Swale Access Group. Cars and lorries do not belong on the footpaths and they are a hazard to disabled people and mothers pushing push chairs. For far too long we have been pushed this way and that, with the Police and The Council trying to deflect responsibility from themselves.

At a recent Local Engagement meeting Councillors and residents were assured by the Police that they had a the issue in hand. It was said that over 60 tickets had been issued. But Cllr Whelan went from the meeting and checked later in the same evening and found 4 vehicles parked on the pavement at the West end of the High Street. On the strength of that he has called for a regular update from the Police.

Cllr Whelan’s efforts have led to a response from Inspector Evan Jones.  He says, ” Checking with my staff today I can confirm we have issued 26 tickets for parking offences in the High Street alone. However Cllr Whelan has replied saying “the following night there were 7 parked on the footpath despite the empty lay bys and today, in the afternoon, there were two with a large lorry also squeezed on to the pavement, inside the bollards unloading.

Cllr Whelan says we want to achieve zero offences. “I am surprised that violations continue when 26 vehicles have received tickets in recent weeks. Local people are concerned about this issue and I will continue to press the Police for progress reports.

Cllr. Whelan is councillor for Chalkwell Ward and the County Candidate for Swale Central along with Roger Truelove.



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