CLP Officers elected for the year ahead of the General Election

There was a good turnout for the Sittingbourne and Sheppey Labour Party AGM on Friday night, when the Executive was elected for the coming year. Simon Clark was re-elected as Chair and Margaret Cooper as Secretary.

Mr Clark said it had been a significant year for the local party, especially with the selection of Guy Nicholson as Parliamentary candidate. He praised Mr Nicholson for the way he had thrown himself into the campaign and especially for his work on the NHS.

Mrs Cooper outlined the increase in campaigning activity and praised the General ( Councillor Ghlin Whelan ) for his militarily efficient organisation of the leaflet campaign. She said the party was pleased with the election of Angela Harrison (Sheerness) and Roger Truelove (Swale Central) to the Kent County Council.

It was also reported that careful financial management had enabled the local party to purchase a new printing machine which was enabling local Labour to connect with the public with key and instant printed messages.

The post of Treasurer will be elected at our next meeting.

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