Cost of Cameron in Sheerness

Labour's Parliamentary Candidate, Guy Nicholson

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Guy Nicholson

On Saturday Guy Nicholson and the Sheppey Labour team were out in Sheerness talking to residents about the Cost of Cameron as part of a national day of campaigning. Sittingbourne & Sheppey Parliamentary Candidate Guy Nicholson discusses it below:

Being hard done by, struggling to make ends meet, worried about the future and being let down by a Government that seems to think Beer and Bingo will do for us whilst they set about looking after their own. All this was being said on Cost of Cameron Day in Sheerness on Saturday.

I led Saturday’s campaigning by the Clock Tower and then on the doorstep, giving residents the chance to voice their worries and frustrations about living under a Tory led Government. A Government that is doing nothing to tackle the cost of living crisis that many of us are up against and who just seem to keep on giving to those who already have a lot.

We spoke about our public services and our campaign for our local NHS. Our petition to save the NHS was received well, with residents and visitors wanting to add their support and calling for the leadership to help our Health services become outstanding.

George Osborne and David Cameron were described as two people who did not understand what was going in our daily lives and what it is we are all up against at work and at home. George Osborne said this Budget was supposed to reward the “makers, doers and savers” and that it helps hardworking people pay for “the kind of things they enjoy”.

Sheppey people are makers, doers and savers and yet working families are worse off by an average of £1,600 a year since this Government came to power. They have launched an assault on public services and on all those who work in them. The experience of using public services are now back to being a lottery again – win and the service is excellent, loose and it’s not so good.

Whilst many of us might enjoy playing bingo, drinking a pint of beer or be relieved at being able to cash in a pension pot early; this Budget does nothing to reverse this race to the bottom that they have led us into, a race that is driving wages down, that sidelines young people and ignores the call for support from the many of us who are struggling from day to day.

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