Guy Nicholson KM letter: Labour has a costed plan for the Britain

Dear Editor,

So UKIP want to know how a Labour Government is going to cut the deficit and reduce debt.

It’s quite straightforward, increase productivity and pay decent wages. Tackling a deficit is not a quick fix, it takes even longer when wages are low and large businesses avoid paying tax on the profits they make from doing business in our country.

UK Government income through tax is way down because wages are low and corporate tax avoidance is all too easy. The current Government continues to stick stubbornly to the belief that only the markets can run our economy and our lives, a view that UKIP seem to share. Their mantra is clear each of us should fend for ourselves and if you are struggling then tough luck. Let the market decide your conditions at work; let it decide how much you get paid. Meanwhile those at the top can continue to prosper from everyone else’s hard work.

To pay for decent wages and pensions, for midwives and nurses, for care workers and teachers, to support small businesses to grow and strengthen the foundations of our economy; we already have practical and straightforward solutions, all costed and available to be signed off by the Office for Budget Responsibility.

There is more to come in the months ahead and all of it will be paid for from within our means. No smoke and mirrors stuff, we will roll up our sleeves and confront the shocking rise in poverty and inequality and help all of us who are struggling in a fairer Britain.


Guy Nicholson

2015 General Election Candidate for the Labour Party

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