Guy Nicholson: Labour’s immigration policy is clear and fair

Labour's Parliamentary Candidate, Guy Nicholson

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Guy Nicholson

Our approach to immigration is not to copy the Tories or UKIP. The Tories are desperate to hold onto Government at any cost, and UKIP are claiming patriotism whilst spreading division and cynicism across our communities.

They say our problems can be solved by turning people away from our borders and our backs on Europe, beguiling us by saying we can be like Norway and Switzerland whilst introducing a points based system that will select all those wanting to come to the UK, just like Australia does.

Our way forward is fair but tough; we are the only political party that recognises the contribution immigration brings to our country, that of tax revenues and productivity. But we are ready to tackle those that would abuse our hospitality and the opportunities we have to offer.

We are setting out how a Labour Government will control our borders and the visas we issue; we will legislate to stop the undercutting of wages of local workers, bring forward reforms to ensure that English is spoken by all who present themselves for public service and that benefit entitlements are earned.

We will make serious exploitation a crime to prevent gang masters exploiting migrants to undercut local jobs and wages.

We will increase the fines for breaching the National Minimum Wage from £5,000 to £50,000.

We will ban recruitment agencies from hiring solely from overseas.

We will require large firms based in the UK seeking a worker from outside of the EU to also offer an apprenticeship.

We will reform the Agency Worker rules by closing down loopholes in agency worker laws that enable firms to undercut directly employed staff.

We will introduce exit checks at our borders and prioritise a system of counting people in and out of the UK, so that those attempting to overstay their visas are identified and action taken against them.

We will strengthen the enforcement of illegal immigration.

We will change the law to make it easier to deport EU criminals for a first offence when they first arrive in Britain.

We will retain the cap on non-EU economic migrants and permanently close the route for low skilled non-EU migrants.

We will make it a requirement for all publicly funded, public facing workers to speak English.

We will impose a six month residency test before newly arrived EU migrants are able to claim out of work benefits

We will negotiate from within the EU to stop child benefit and child tax credit from being paid to children not living in the UK.


Over the next six months we will fight for a new Government that will create a fairer Britain for everyone, join me on the doorstep to take our message to the voters.

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