Guy Nicholson’s full statement regarding the Sheppey Crossing Accident

Guy Nicholson, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Sittingbourne & Sheppey

Guy Nicholson, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Sittingbourne & Sheppey

‘From the moment the first news started to come through about this shocking accident on Thursday morning my thoughts have been with all who have been caught up in this terrible event on the Sheppey Crossing.

Many have suffered injuries, some of them serious. I wish all a speedy recovery.

Many too have suffered a terrible emotional shock that was captured by a mother describing her experience and holding back her tears of relief that her little son was safe.

All of our thanks go out to our emergency services for their swift response to this awful incident and to Swale Borough Council for the support they gave to all those stranded and affected by the accident.

There were many examples of enormous kindness and courage on Thursday and I would like to thank the driver who probably saved lives by positioning his lorry to slow people down.

With up to 100 vehicles and 200 people involved, this is an unprecedented event to happen on any road let alone on our crucial bridge. It has sent a violent shock throughout the community.

We must wait for the findings of the accident report before jumping to any conclusions or apportioning any blame.

There will be time to discuss the causes and put in place the measures that will ensure this doesn’t happen again. But meanwhile our priority is to support all those caught up in the accident.’

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