Kent Labour welcomes teen bus pass u-turn

Labour members on Kent County Council welcome the Tory plans to u turn on their unpopular proposals to make the Freedom Bus Pass less helpful to families and young people in Kent.

It is now intended that the pass will be open for use the whole year round, only excluding the summer holiday month of August and also being time limited to 7 pm Monday to Friday. The initial cost for 11 to 16 year olds will be increased to £200 but the all year round use for school times will be a considerable saving for many families. There will also be a reduction in the initial cost paid by over 16 year olds.

Kent Labour Group Leader Gordan Cowan

Kent Labour Group Leader Gordan Cowan

Labour Leader Gordon Cowan, who is also Education Spokesman, says

“This is a victory for the children and parents who have campaigned so strongly right across Kent. It also shows the value of removing the overwhelming majority that the Tories enjoyed in the last Council up to May last year.

“They now understand that the Freedom Pass is not some kind of cultural luxury but an essential part of very many people’s family budget plans. Many people contacted Labour members explaining that they had made school choices on the strength of the Freedom pass and that they were going to be hundreds of pounds in debt if the Tory proposals had gone through. This is really now part of the County’s Home to School strategy and needs to be seen in this light.”

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