Labour and business


Cllr. Roger Truelove (Chalkwell), Labour Group Leader on Swale Council

On Tuesday evening I traveled to the City to hear from Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Chuka Umunna address an audience made up of guests from the business community.

The evening was serious stuff, with Shadow Cabinet members dotted around the room and much talk of the need for consensus, working together for long term change to the financial sector – an issue Ed Miliband has led on – and for production and manufacturing, particularly in emerging and specialist and technological industries. There was – rightly so – much focus on the need to drive forward with a plan to give young people a better chance to tackle the issue of the 1m unemployed young people. 

The speeches were peppered with some self deprecating humour but the message from the event was clear: we agree with the need to develop a mixed and balanced economy, but the Coalition is simply going about it in the wrong way. 

by Cllr. Roger Truelove (Chalkwell). Roger is the Labour Group Leader on Swale Borough Council.

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