Labour calls for parking permit fee cut

Cllr. Ghlin Whelan (Chalkwell)

Chalkwell Labour Councillor Ghlin Whelan has called for a reduction in the fees paid for ‘On Street’ Residents parking from £40 to £30 a year. He has also asked for a restoration of free visitor permits.

Cllr. Whelan raised the issue at a Council meeting on Wednesday 18th July whilst questioning Tory Cabinet member David Simmons on the Council’s £91K underspend on the Car Park budget in 2011-12.

Cllr Whelan said:

“Many people were seduced into the Residents Parking scheme at 30 pound only to find it rapidly increased to 40 to help out the overall budget. If the Council can produce a surplus now then the surcharge ought to be returned”.

Responding for the Cabinet Cllr Simmons said he would consider Cllr Whelan’s proposal in next years budget.

Residents Parking schemes operate in parts of Sittingbourne and Faversham.

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