Letter: Guy Nicholson calls on Cameron to defend his record in TV debates

Dear Editor

As the General Election approaches candidates in Sittingbourne and Sheppey are receiving an increasing number of requests to debate in public with other parties.

We have already heard from Friends of the Earth, Swale Senior Forum, the Churches and from local radio.

I really relish this opportunity, as, I am sure, do other candidates. I hope local people will come along to compare the different party views from candidates with a local outlook.

However, voters all over the country too, are entitled to see and hear from the party Leaders. In 2010 many people said they were inspired to vote for the first time. The TV debates are surely one way to engage with younger votes.

It is not good enough for Cameron and the Tories to come forward with a 7 head debate prior to the campaign proper. It is said that he is coy about debating with the UKIP leader but what he seems most anxious to avoid is a Head to Head with Ed Miliband. It suits the Tories to try to dismiss the Labour Leader on the basis of superficial trivia like eating a bacon sandwich. What the Tories fear might happen is that the intensity of a TV debate might reveal our Leader’s greater depth on policy.

Guy Nicholson

Parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party in Sitttingbourne and Sheppey.

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