Money for our local Health services but its nowhere near enough

Labour's Parliamentary Candidate, Guy Nicholson

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, Guy Nicholson

Guy Nicholson, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate, has a simple message about the recent funding award for our local NHS. It’s nowhere near enough.

‘We are experiencing some of the highest levels of ill health in Kent.  The shocking truth is that in our constituency two residents living 10 miles apart can find a 10 year difference in their life expectancy.

We have a GP service that is struggling to meet demand with some GP’s having over twice the recommended number of patients registered with them.

All around the constituency people tell us that they have trouble booking appointments with their GPs.   Recent feedback from residents in Sheerness showed that 1 in 2 households have problems getting an appointment to see their GP.  This is not acceptable.  We have been loud and clear in our call for increased funding to meet the needs of our community and our local health services.  The Conservatives have refused to support Labour in the call for more Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics.  They chose to bury their heads in the sand and pay little heed to our calls to support our NHS.’

‘Many of us need to use our Healthcare services, and many of us receive outstanding care but unfortunately others have had a very poor experience coming up against a service that is under staffed and under resourced.  We have seen a massive increase in the demand for health services.  Medway Maritime Hospital has been put under special measures because it can’t cope.  For the first time in years we are seeing people waiting on trolleys in A&E for hours if not days.  If the threatened closure of the Minor Injuries Unit in Faversham goes ahead there will be yet more demand on our stretched local services.

Our Hospitals and local GP services are vital in helping us tackle ill health, they have a crucial role to play in providing quality healthcare that we can all use when we need it, the very purpose of our NHS.’

‘This Government should stick to its word; in 2010 David Cameron said there would be no cuts to the NHS. Since then the Conservatives have reduced the number of Nurses working in the NHS by over 5,000 and are in the process of cutting back on NHS Mental Health care services in east Kent.

This is a Government turning its back on our Health service.  It says something about their priorities when having spent £3 billion reorganising the NHS they can’t give us the resources we need to deliver the Healthcare we need.’

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