Murston Labour team consult residents about speedway hours

Members of the Murston Labour Team have been calling on residents in the Murston area to ask for opinions on the proposed extension of the hours for speedway to 10.00.
This is advance of the Borough Council’s Planning meeting on 28th August.
Ken Rowles, who was recently selected as candidate for Murston ward in the 2015 Borough elections says:
“Our survey shows 72% against the extension. We delivered informative leaflets to about 400 houses and so far 113 people have replied. This is a good sample and with 81 saying they are against, we can see that this extension would not be popular in the village. There are mixed views about Speedway in general and a few people are indifferent.
In the Labour Team we think it is important to ask as many people as possible what they think, and not rely on those who volunteer views that may be in a minority. We await the outcome of the planning meeting which Labour will make sure is reported to residents in Murston village.”

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