Open letter from Murston Candidate Ken Rowles about Speedway survey

Ken Rowles

29 Park Road


ME10 1DR


James Freeman

Head of Planning

Swale Borough Council

Swale House

East Street


ME10 3HT


Dear James Freeman,

I am writing to share with you and the Swale Borough Council Planning Committee the results of a survey carried out by the Murston Labour Action Team about the use of Central Park, Church Road, Murston for Speedway meetings.

Having been contacted by residents about this, we decided to circulate a survey to residents in the vicinity of Central Park which asked if, a) they supported the Speedway being there; b) they would oppose an extension of meeting times to 10 p.m. and, c) how intrusive they found the noise generated by the activity.

We received responses from 128 households and I list below a breakdown of their opinions:

45 were for the Speedway being sited at Central Park

73 were against

10 had no opinion either way

However, there were 94 households against an extension of meetings to 10 p.m. which is 73% of all respondents. This included 21 households who were either in favour of, or ambivalent about, having the Speedway.

It was clear from the comments made that residents close to Central Park found the noise generated by the Speedway to be very intrusive.  It was also noted by a significant number of residents that the go-karting in the area also causes considerable disturbance to residents, a fact that was commented on even by those who were not troubled by the Speedway.

Residents feel that not enough has been carried out at Central Park to reduce noise generated by the Speedway and that the PA system is too loud. There is clearly a problem with the acoustics controls which are clearly insufficient.  I would urge you and the Committee to address this. Indeed, it is vital that it is addressed even if this means making an additional demand on the operators at Central Park, regardless of whether an extension is agreed or not.

Whilst no one wishes to stop people enjoying themselves, the feedback we have received has revealed that the lives of a significant number of residents will continue to be blighted if we do not address their concerns.  I would urge you and the Committee to give this urgent and utmost consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Rowles

Labour Candidate for Murston Ward

Labour's candidate for Murston, Ken Rowles

Labour’s candidate for Murston, Ken Rowles


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