Partisan response from KCC Tories to Labour suggestions

Roger Truelove, county member for Swale Central and Deputy Leader of the Kent Labour Group

Roger Truelove, county member for Swale Central and Deputy Leader of the Kent Labour Group

Labour members on Kent County Council have expressed anger and frustration at “the stubborn partisan way in which the ruling Tory administration respond to progressive and affordable improvements to the County Council’s core budget. We accept their need for restraint but it is clear that they refuse to consider any improvements simply because they come from the Labour Party. The public must find this profoundly undemocratic and regret that partisan politics comes before the interests of the county in general.”

We are particularly concerned about the Tory determination to reject our calls:

1 . To increase resources to tackle the crisis in mental healthcare for young adults
2.  To boost the funding for apprenticeships to tackle youth unemployment
3.  To put £1 million into road and footpath maintenance
4 . To help charities supporting the elderly

Roger Truelove the Labour member for Swale Central expressed particular concern at the rejection of his proposal to put £500K into improved apprenticeship provision.

“I find it hard to believe that this was not supported across the council. It would have helped small businesses, tackled the skills gap and helped to tackle the blight of youth unemployment. It was to be funded by underspends from the current year’s budget so posed no threat to the budget in general”

We earmarked two areas in particular to fund the majority of our improvements. First, the Council has a £4 million bonus from Council tax receipts because of a higher than expected tax base. Second, it is the Labour view that some of the Public relations budget could be much better spent on services to the most vulnerable. As ever, the Tories wanted to protect their vanity spending”

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