Phoenix House and Highsted Road optimism

Roger Truelove with Borough Cllr. Ghlin Whelan at Phoneix House

Roger Truelove with Borough Cllr. Ghlin Whelan at Phoneix House

Recently elected County Councillor for Swale Central, Roger Truelove, has been pressing County Council officials for a clear guide as to the future of the Phoenix Centre in Sittingbourne.

“There is still serious uncertainty amongst a number of local users. I have been re-assured by the fact that the County Council has extended both the grant and the lease to March 2014. After that it is still intended to hand over the site to Swale Borough Council as a local land contribution to the “Spirit of Sittingbourne” plan for a Civic Gateway in the area. I have to say I am not entirely sure that  this ambitious project will be up and running in lest than a year’s time and I fancy there will be a good case for a further extension of community use after next March.”
Moreover residents in South East Sittingbourne have been calling for a footpath on the Highsted Road, between Farm Crescent and the roundabout on Swanstree Avenue.

At the moment pedestrians risk a treacherous journey along the road.
County Councillor Truelove says,
Kent Highways have assured me that they are working on a project to put a new footpath into Highsted Road. It will take some time as the Council needs to access some privately owned land, and it is not always easy to establish land ownership. However, I am encouraged by Highways support and I will keep local people fully informed.

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