Protect free TV licences for over 75s

You can’t trust the Tories!

In this year, the 75th Anniversary of the D Day Landings, the Tory Government has shown exactly what it thinks of our 75 years and older residents, by taking away their free TV licences.

 When the Tories gave responsibility to the BBC for the free TV licences, and didn’t give them the funding to go with it, they knew exactly what would happen.  But they were still mealy-mouthed enough to say in their manifesto that they would commit to keeping it for the duration of the parliament.

In our constituency there are 6,830 households with an over-75.  By saying those on pension-credit will still get it, 5,220 households will lose their free TV licence.  

Labour has committed to reinstating free TV licences for ALL over-75s in our manifesto. We hope those 5,220 households will remember who is on their side come the next General Election. 

If you’re with us – please sign the national petition to protect the free TV licences for over 75s.

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