Reaction to Labour Conference

Labour Leader Ed Miliband at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester


Swale’s Labour Leader Roger Truelove says that the Party’s mood in Manchester this week was euphoric after a successful conference an an excellent speech by Leader, Ed Miliband. Ed’s speech on Tuesday demonstrated how Labour is now the only united mainstream Party in Britain and is ready to take on the Tory-led Coalition at the next election as the One Nation Party that Britain needs to unify and rebuild the country.

Roger Truelove said ‘There were many elements in Ed’s speech which I liked.The country needed a clear explanation of why the Government’s deficit reduction is failing. I also particularly liked the sections of banking reform, education and the NHS. The roof nearl blew off when he ridiculed the incompetence of the Conservatives. This speech was a crucial one. The whole party is behind him’

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