Regeneration further delayed by lack of Cinema Operator


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A Councillor who was told that the Spirit of Sittingbourne expected to have secured a Cinema Operator by the end August has revealed that the target has not been met, though it is understood that Heads of Agreement may now be signed off sometime in September.

At the July meeting of the Council, Cllr Mike Cosgrove told Labour Councillor Ghlin Whelan,

” We expect Heads of Terms to be agreed by the end of August and the name of the Operator will be released as soon as possible after that”

It is still not known who the potential Operator is but Labour sources say that they do not think it is one of the well known Companies and doubt whether it is Vue, despite appearances to the contrary in promotional literature.

Commenting Cllr Whelan says

” Of course a delay of about a month is not significant, as long as the Operator is really secured. But this further delay only illustrates what a long drawn out process this will be. It will probably be the end of the year before a full legal agreement is tied up. Only then can the rest of the project begin. They will have to start with the road realignment around the station before moving on to the multi storey car park. This is not going to be widely welcomed. Of course, there are no restaurant chains in place yet. It really wasn’t wise to put up the celebratory ” It’s Here” signs so prematurely, but it was just before major elections in the town.”

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