Roger Truelove: Bell Centre site is symbolic of Swale Council’s failure to improve our town centres

Damage caused by wind near the half demolished Bell Centre on Bell Road, Sittingbourne

Damage caused by wind near the half demolished Bell Centre on Bell Road, Sittingbourne

This is the shocking site at the back of Bell Road, following last night’s collapse of the derelict building there. It does nothing for the idea that after 10 years of promises, Sittingbourne is in the process of regeneration. Add to this, the World War 2 bombsite at the old Mill site, the abandonment of the land between Eurolink Way and Milton Creek, the focus of so many grandiose ideas and consultations, the depressing state of the High Street, the lack of progress around the Forum/Station phase of development and the prospect that the phase 2 around Central Avenue will be dropped from the plans, and you have then a reasonable grasp of just how successful the present Council administration has been in Sittingbourne.

On an alternative Facebook, a Sittingbourne Tory Councillor has had the nerve to suggest that Labour has no idea how to achieve regeneration. Well, just look around the town and remind yourself that this is what the Tories have achieved. No excuses about the state of

Roger Truelove with Labour's Parliamentary Candidate Guy Nicholson.

Roger Truelove with Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate Guy Nicholson.

the economy please!

The Regeneration plans are at least 10 years old and were clearly on the agenda during the period of economic growth up to the end of 2008. Unfortunately a lack of leadership and endless prevarication led to a time of lost opportunity. In the last five years, during less promising times, there has been a failure to work side by side with developers. It we care about the town, we need urgent change in the local administration.

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