Sad News – Loss of Nick Williams

Nick Williams was first elected to Swale Borough Council as a Liberal Democrat member for St Michaels Ward. However, we couldn’t help noticing how interested he seemed to be in our fortunes until one Sunday Adam Tolhurst rang us all to say that Nick was joining the Labour Party. He continued to represent St Michaels and then won his seat in Murston as a Labour candidate.
When Nick first joined us, we soon realised what an asset he was, because so many people, all over the town, seemed to know him. He was a local. People remembered him from his childhood. Or, they knew him as their teacher. Or they knew him as a local journalist. Nick was very interested in politics but he had a considerable hinterland. He was interested in history, music, poetry and sport. He was a keen Tottenham Hotspur fan.
However, the greatest influence on his life, apart from his close family, was his Christianity. His strong Socialistic commitment, which was considerable notwithstanding his Liberal Democrat affiliations, came from his religious beliefs in brotherhood and equality.
We are very sad to lose Nick and we are thinking of his family.
 We also recently lost Paul Lancaster from Newington. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

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