Sittingbourne misses out once again. Let down by Tory Govt and Council.

Billions of pounds for economic growth screams the Coalition. So safe do they feel, the actually send out Nick Clegg to tell us all how fortunate we are. At Kent County Council, Leader Paul Carter celebrates the £102 million coming to Kent.

So what have our local Conservatives won for Sittingbourne and Sheppey? After all, we all know how much growth is strangled here by lack of infrastructure.

So, here we are.

For the Northern Relief Road NOTHING
For M2 Motorway Links. NOTHING
For the Grovehurst Junction to the A 249. NOTHING

No, the truth is that Swale’s share of the £400 million allocated to the SE is just £2.5 million. It is signalled for Sittingbourne Regeneration, so there’s no great certainty that that little pittance will be used, or that it will go very far.

None of this is a surprise to Labour. Our regeneration spokesman on Swale Borough Council, Roger Truelove flagged all this up in Full Council and in the local press. For this he was accused by Tories of sour grapes.

We will not get the Northern Relief Road completed under the current Tory administrations in Swale and KCC. And what we ask has the local MP doing? Not enough, clearly.


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