Swale Borough Council Boundaries

Cllr. Mike Haywood
(Roman Ward)

This week the Local Government Boundary Commission published its final recommendations which can be viewed here.

There are no radical changes to Swale’s ward boundaries. Indeed, the Commission’s 2012 proposals build on those it agreed in 2000 which came into force in 2002.

This time round, the Commission maintains the borough at 47 councillors but cuts the number of wards from 25 to 24. Once again the Commission has supported keeping wards which include three, two and one member wards.²

Sittingbourne is allocated just under half of the councillors in Swale (21 out of 47) reflecting its larger population.

Woodstock and West Downs retain their names. However, Borden is joined to the Grove Park estate to create a two-member ward. New wards include Homeward Ward and The Meads Ward (both one-member). Chalkwell becomes a one-member ward and Bobbing joins Iwade & Lower Halstow to form a new Ward.

Roman Ward remains largely unchanged with the addition of the Chiltern Avenue area.

The Isle of Sheppey are allocated 14 of the 47 councillors in Swale. Sheerness becomes one ward for the first time in Swale Borough Council’s 33 year history with Sheerness East & West being disbanded.

12 of the 47 Councillors in Swale are allocated to Faversham.

Taken from Mike Haywood’s blog which can be viewed here

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