The Sittingbourne & Sheppey Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate

Guy Nicholson, the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Sittingbourne & Sheppey

Guy Nicholson, the Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Sittingbourne & Sheppey

Members of Sittingbourne and Sheppey Labour Party have selected Guy Nicholson as their Candidate to fight the 2015 General Election.

Guy brings with him over 14 years of frontline political experience in fighting for communities, bringing investment into a community and the local economy, transforming and rebuilding public services and creating the opportunities and initiatives that have tackled economic decline, unemployment and deprivation and supported a growing community.

Guy has been an active and committed campaigner for the Party since our 2010 General Election and has been supporting our candidates in the Swale and Kent elections and our regular local Action Day campaigns we hold in neighbourhoods across the constituency.

The local party held two ‘hustings’ meetings over the weekend of the 27th / 28th July, one in Sheerness and one in Sittingbourne.

Constituency Labour Party Chair Simon Clark said after the meeting: “We are all now looking forward to fighting and winning the next General Election with Guy as our candidate. It was an open and transparent selection campaign and we had three excellent candidates to choose from.”

Kent County Councillor for Swale Central Roger Truelove said: “Our number one concern is with the state of our local economy. Guy’s experience and success with Regeneration will be a massive bonus to the party and importantly for the local community”

Swale Labour Group Leader Councillor Mike Haywood said: “I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Guy to campaign for more and better jobs for the area, a health service free at the point of delivery, and better opportunities for all in our local schools and colleges.”

Guy became politically active after a career in the British Theatre industry. He trained as a Theatre Designer at ArtCollege in London before working on many productions in the UK and around the world.

He became a Labour Councillor in Hackney in east London and was part of the administration that has made Hackney one of the most successful Councils in the country, serving the community, delivering excellent services, outstanding schools and rebuilding the local economy. Representing Hackney he was at the centre of the planning and development of London’s 2012 bid, the delivery of the Games and its social and economic legacy.

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